LIVE Executive Coaching Circles

LIVE Executive Coaching Circles

This live session is dedicated to Executive and Team Coaches who wish to experience leadership coaching in action. Using the Round Robin Coaching method, participants will have the opportunity to practice, observe and learn.


LIVE Leadership Coaching Circles

Session Length: 75 minutes

Schedule 1:

Schedule 2:

What are the Executive Coaching Circles?

Our LIVE Executive Coaching Circles will offer leaders & coaches the opportunity to experience coaching in real time in a facilitated group process.

Executive Directors from successful startups and international companies will share their biggest challenges, what they see as opportunities for growth and how they see the future of coaching. They will talk to us, and to one another, to give us even deeper insights into our vital role as coaches.

Our small group sessions will allow for Round Robin coaching so that we can learn by doing, but also by watching each other.

Who would benefit?

  • High end Executive and Team Coaches who wish to experience and practice leadership coaching at master level.
  • Leader Coaches and Executives that want to experience being coached in this context.
  • Other coaches who wish to practice, observe and learn.

How does it work?

Participants will join a 75 minutes LIVE virtual session facilitated by highly experienced Executive Coaches.

The session will NOT be recorded.  Join LIVE to participate and experience an innovative and organic learning process.

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