LIVE Human Resources Round Tables

LIVE Human Resources Round Tables

This live session is dedicated to HR practitioners, Organizational Development and Learning specialists who wish to experience an inclusive,peer-based learning space. Senior practitioners willshare their insights and experiences helping you to expand your knowledge, shortcut execution plans and deliver on essential objectives.

Bring your challenges and be ready to share your best practices and reflections in a confidential, safe space that will allow you to learn from your peers.


LIVE Human Resources (HR) Round Table

Session Length: 75 minutes

Schedule 1:

Schedule 2:

What are the Human Resources Round Tables?

Our LIVE HR Round Tables are facilitated group discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. It will be a “closed door” environment allowing you to focus on learning and networking. Expect to enjoy top-level conversations and leave with real takeaways from practitioners representing a diverse range of industries.

Who would benefit?

• HR Executives, Directors of Training, Organizational Development, and Change practitioners;
• Talent acquisition and HR Managers / emerging leaders who wish to learn from their peers.

How does it work?

Participants will join a 75 minutes LIVE virtual session facilitated by highly experienced Executive Coaches.

The session will NOT be recorded.  Join LIVE to participate and experience these collaborative conversations.

Experience an event you won’t forget!

“You know the world is shifting. What was once unbelievable is now the new normal. We have gathered thought leaders and practitioners who are ahead of the curve to help you slingshot forward. Together we learn, adapt and succeed. The world needs great leaders and leadership coaches.”

Carol Kauffman, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder, Institute of Coaching


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