LIVE Internal Coach Supervision Experience

LIVE Internal Coach Supervision Experience

This live session is dedicated to Internal Coaches / Coaches working with clients in organizational settings who wish to experience coaching supervision and gain collective learning and wisdom.

Bring your challenges and be ready to share your reflections in a confidential, safe coaching space that will allow you to learn from your peers.


LIVE Internal Coach Supervision Experience

Session Length: 75 minutes

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What is Group Coaching Supervision?

Group coaching supervision provides an opportunity for coaches to work together with other professionals to review their cases and explore issues and challenges from a personal, professional and systemic perspective.

The process of group supervision provides insight, reflection, direction, support and the sharing of expertise. Group members learn to help one another improve the quality of their coaching, grow their coaching capacity and support each other in their practice.

Who would benefit?

Coaches working with clients in organizational settings experience complex issues around ethics, boundaries, duty of care, confidentiality, multiple roles and conflicting priorities, which in turn have an impact on the coach’s self-as-instrument and quality of work.

Participating in supervision helps coaches to:

• Ensure their coaching practice is professional and ethical;
• Develop personally and professionally by reflecting on their work, developing greater understanding and capacity;
• Support themselves and others to manage the effect of the client’s and coach’s emotions and stress.

How does it work?

Participants will join a 75 minutes LIVE virtual session facilitated by highly experienced Coaching Supervisors who will act as a guide and resource to the group.

The session will NOT be recorded.  Join LIVE to participate and experience an authentic group supervision session.

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