The latest thinking around high-quality coaching

We offer a choice of three tracks with 30+ sessions to listen to in your own time (on demand). Our sessions have been tailored to meet your exact level of coaching expertise or ambition to adopt a professional coach approach in your organization.

Three tracks for three audiences
Hear from senior executives, thought leaders, internal and external coaches and industry experts who share their wisdom on coaching in the workplace.


Leading with the Coach Approach (Track One)

What does it mean to take a ‘coach approach’ in your organization? Learn how to embed coaching in your leadership style.


Building Coaching Capability & Culture (Track Two)

Develop and enhance coaching capabilities. How do you integrate a coaching culture throughout your organization?


Executive and Team Coaching Mastery (Track Three)

Deepen and broaden your insights and perspectives in executive and team coaching. Learn from other seasoned practioners.  

Learn at your own pace via on-demand access – including session recordings, podcasts, slides and handouts – all available until 30 September 2020. Plenty of time to absorb this powerful content and put it into practice, without disrupting your schedule.

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Together we learn, adapt and succeed.

“You know the world is shifting. What was once unbelievable is now the new normal. We have gathered thought leaders and practitioners who are ahead of the curve to help you slingshot forward. Together we learn, adapt and succeed. The world needs great leaders and leadership coaches.”

Carol Kauffman, PhD

CEO & Co-Founder, Institute of Coaching