Alexander Caillet

Alexander Caillet

CEO and Founder, Corentus, Inc

Boston, United States of America


Alexander Caillet

Session Length: 75 minutes
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Team Coaching Advanced | Sensing & Making Moves around Accountability

Session Summary: 

The Corentus Team Coaching model includes three components: sensing (observing the team in action); making moves (real-time interventions), and being (the presence and state of mind necessary to sense and make moves effectively).  

In this advanced workshop, we will focus on sensing and making moves around a critical area of team functioning: accountability. While many client-teams report having challenges with accountability, very few can clearly articulate exactly what they do that’s problematic or what capabilities they might be missing. Focusing on specific accountability-related behaviours—and collective patterns of behaviour—can help both the client and the practitioner gain clarity on the team’s current state, desired state, and the next steps forward. ‘Coaching moves’ targets behaviours and patterns in real time helping the team develop new awareness, skills, and tools that drive immediate improvement in outcomes. 

Speaker Bio:

Alexander Caillet is the founder and CEO of Corentus, Inc., a consulting and coaching firm dedicated to leadership and team transformation with a simultaneous focus on the heart (the human dimension) and results (the performance dimension). For the past 25 years, he has led hundreds of leadership and team development engagements in more than 30 countries, with organizations across a wide range of industries. Alexander also leads the Corentus Team Coaching Certificate Program, an intensive professional development offering that trains practitioners in the art and science of coaching teams in real time, in the context of real work. He is the co-author of the book: Introduction to Team Corentus Team Coaching. In addition, for more than 17 years and 50 cohorts, he has led the Coaching Groups & Teams module in Georgetown University’s Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching program. Alexander also co-founded the State of Mind Institute, which conducts research and workshops on the impact of leadership state of mind. He co-authored several articles in HBR on the subject. Alexander received his Master of Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, is a dual national of France and the U.S., and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. 


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