Dr. Carolin Graßmann

Dr. Carolin Graßmann

Senior Researcher and Lecturer, SRH University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

Berlin, Germany


Dr. Carolin Graßmann

Session Length: 75 minutes
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The perfect match: how to predict the working alliance in coaching

Session Summary:

What makes the relationship between coach and client so unique and promising?

Studies show that the working alliance in coaching, in addition to the self-efficacy of the client and the confidence of the coach, is the most important factor that makes coaching successful. But how do I develop a high working alliance in coaching and what should be considered in matching? Which criteria predict a high quality of relationship and how can they be taken into account in the process of finding the right coach?

In this session we want to share first insights from the joint research project between SRH University of Applied Science Berlin and CoachHub.io. The research team of Carolin Graßman and Carsten Schermuly and the digital coaching platform, CoachHub, will exclusively present theoretical findings as well as their methodological approach.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Carolin Graßmann is a business psychologist and works as a senior researcher and lecturer at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Her research focuses on how coaching works and how coaches can develop a relationship with their clients. She is a frequent contributor to scientific and practitioner conferences. She won the first-place poster award at the Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare conference organized by IOC, Harvard Medical School affiliate in 2017. Her work has been recognized as one of the best papers at the AOM 2020 in the management education division.

Carolin is passionate about integrating coaching research and practice. She combines her research knowledge not only with her teaching practice but also with her professional background in human resource management and change management across several organizations. She now works as a business coach and trainer for clients, who are struggling with stress, pressure, and career-related topics.  Caroline actually received an award from the IOC a couple of years ago for her research work.

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