Charlie Stainforth

Charlie Stainforth

Co-Founder of CIRCL

London, United Kingdom


Charlie Stainforth

Session Length: 75 minutes
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Millennials & Gen Z: The Future of Coaching and Leadership

Session Summary:

Young people have never been more entitled, impatient and ungrateful…or have they? And does it even matter?  

In this session, Charlie Stainforth, Co-Founder of CIRCL, an organization that trains and develops emerging Leader Coaches, will explore how younger people respond to a coaching approach to leadership and what consequence this will have for the future of work and the workplace. 

Speaker’s Bio: 

Charlie started his career in education at a London Pupil Referral Unit working with some of the most disengaged pupils. As a founding member of the skill development company, Elevate Education UK, playing a major role in their growth across the UK & SA. Following this, he worked as Head of Partnerships at career coaching organization, Future Frontiers, where he started exploring the mutual benefits in connecting businesses and schools. Through his partnership with Adrian Blair (ex-Global COO at Just Eat, now Group CEO at Receipt Bank) Charlie designed Circl to thoroughly equip both professionals and pupils with the skills and live experience they’ll need to be effective leaders. 

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