Christina Wyatt

Christina Wyatt

Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor, Barclays UK

London, United Kingdom


Christina Wyatt

Session Length: 75 minutes
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Helping Build Tomorrow’s Barclays: Barclays 360 Internal Coaching Team

Session Summary:

Darren Whysall and Christina Wyatt will share with you their experiences as full time internal coaches within Barclays in the United Kingdom. Specifically, they will explain what internal coaching looks like within Barclays UK and its impact. They will also reflect upon how their collective team has endeavoured to build internal coaching capability that lasts.

Speakers’ Bio:

Christina is a qualified and experienced Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor who has worked for Barclays for 17 years, in a number of roles.

Having held a variety of Leadership roles within Barclays she knows first-hand the highs, and lows that leadership and management bring. These experiences have shaped Christina’s passion for enabling colleagues to discover the best version of themselves and realize their ambitions in both life and work.

Outside work Christina is married to her husband Neil and has a young son called Oscar. Christina lives on the South Coast and loves nothing more than being outside with her family.

Darren is a qualified and experienced Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor with more than 20 years’ experience working with people in high pressure roles such as the Armed Forces UK, Education sector and Financial Services.

Darren is passionate about helping individuals and teams identify their unique qualities, and attributes to improve well-being, build capability, enhance team working and growth.

Outside of work his main interests are his family, Sian his partner and their 3 children Jordan, Ruby and Alexandra. He is also a born-again motorbike enthusiast.