Dr. Paul Lawrence

Dr. Paul Lawrence

AC Regional Chair, NSW, Australia and Principal, Centre for Coaching in Organizations

Sydney, Australia


Dr. Paul Lawrence

Session Length: 75 minutes
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A Systemic Approach to Building Coaching Cultures

Session Summary:

Many attempts to build coaching cultures are based on traditional approaches towards change, but most of these attempts fail. In this session, Paul will share new insights and approaches to building cultures based on more contemporary theories of change and organizations-as-systems. Paul will include a smattering of theory together with practical suggestions and ideas for the hands-on practitioner. ‌

Speaker’s Bio:

After completing a Ph.D. in Psychology, Paul Lawrence embarked upon a corporate career with BP PLC, leading teams and businesses in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Japan. Paul has been working as a coach and consultant since 2007, based in Sydney Australia, and has over 3,000 coaching hours working with individuals, groups, and teams. Paul conducts research on a regular basis and has published more than a dozen academic articles and book chapters. He is the author of three books, Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management, Coaching in Three Dimensions: Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World and in 2019, The Tao of Dialogue. Paul teaches coaching at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. ‌