Hetty Einzig

Hetty Einzig

Editor, Coaching Perspectives (AC Magazine)

London, United Kingdom


Hetty Einzig

Session Length: 75 minutes
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The Future of Coaching: Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a transforming world

Session Summary: 

Hello! I am Hetty Einzig and in this session of the conference, I will make the case for coaching to step up as a profession.  

Given the context of a VUCA world and the immense challenges humanity now faces I believe coaching has a greater role to play than as handmaidens to performance success. I believe coaches are in a unique position as trusted collaborators of those in powerful positions to effect change. Power carries responsibility.  

The idea that coaching is neutral, and that coaches have no agenda is no longer tenable: coaches are not simply technicians of clever models and techniques; they are change-makers. I believe coaches need to fully recognise this power and responsibility, and the potential for coaching to be a noble profession.  

To step up as responsible partners with the leaders they work with coaches need to go deeper and wider. We need to reflect on vision, values and ethics; help to build appropriate leadership for a complex and volatile world. We need to rethink thinking as a whole-body activity, understand anxiety, our own and others  in the face of a planet in the deep trouble; and engage with the positive cultural and demographic drivers for change as we enter a new decade  a decade where we will all be tested. 

Speaker Bio: 

Hetty brings 25 years of psychology and executive coaching experience to global leadership development. A best-selling author, her career has spanned the arts, media, health, policy development, journalism in the private, public, and voluntary sectors.  

She designs and delivers leader-coach and global corporate culture change programs. Key focuses are women’s leadership and regenerative coaching for contribution. She works systemically and holistically founded on a trans personal approach informed by psychoanalytic depth and embodiment approaches. She teaches at the Irish Management Institute and is the Editor of Coaching Perspectives, the AC global magazine.  

Hetty holds a Masters in Psychoanalytic and Systemic Approaches to Consulting with Organizations from the Tavistock Centre (UEL), a Certificate in Coaching Supervision from Oxford Brookes, a Masters in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute (UL), and a BA in languages from Cambridge University. She is married and has with two millennial daughters. Her latest book, The Future of Coaching: vision, leadership and responsibility in a transforming world, is published by Routledge. 

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