Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

Purpose Coach, Founder of the Jay Shetty Certification School, Author, Podcast Host, Former Monk

Los Angeles, United States of America


Jay Shetty

Session Length: 75 minutes
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Coaching Vision of the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

Session Summary:

Join Jay Shetty as he discusses the profound changes that COVID-19 is expected to have in the workplace in the coming years.

Jay explores how perceptions of the pandemic determine how leaders and their teams respond to the crisis and what can be done, from a coaching perspective to cope and thrive.

Ultimately, Jay believes peer-to-peer and leadership coaching can be used as a powerful tool to improve engagement through building relationships and trust in the “new normal.”

Starting with the awareness of the self, opportunities, and skills needed, Jay’s 9-step ABC Coaching Framework is designed to facilitate resilience and growth in challenging times.

  1. By implementing the A’s, or techniques to cultivate acceptance and accountability, leaders position themselves to remove clutter and focus on priorities.
  2. The B’s are oriented to developing vision and big goals that are executed by building the right habits.
  3. Finally, the C’s bring the process of competence mastery to fruition through consistent action and thriving outside the comfort zone.

Jay shows that it is only through developing these balanced and reflective mechanisms that leaders and their organizations will survive the dramatic changes that are already evident as centralized COVID-19 responses wind down.

Speaker Bio:

Jay Shetty is an award-winning digital strategist, podcast host, author, accredited AC coach and former monk.

He is on a mission to share the timeless wisdom of the world in an accessible, relevant and practical way. He has produced over 400 viral videos which have surpassed more than 7 billion views to over 36 million followers. His podcast, On Purpose, offers insights to purposeful living and is consistently ranked as the #1 Health podcast in the world. He was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 for being a game changer in the world of media.

His insights on Purpose, Innovation, Mindfulness, Communication and The Millennial & Gen Z Mind are well-received by corporations like EY, Nasdaq, L’Oréal, Nivea, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson & Google. He is currently collaborating with Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen Digital to produce content centered on purposeful living. His first book, Think Like a Monk, is an effortless guide on how ANYONE can be courageous, compassionate and determined in our fast-paced, stressed out and disconnected world – to be released on September 8, 2020.

In March 2020 Jay founded Jay Shetty Certification School (accredited by AC) with a vision to train, certify and empower 100,000 life and success coaches.

Jay Shetty Certification School is a member of European Mentoring and Coaching council and its coach training programs are accredited by the Association for Coaching (Accredited Award in Coach Training) and TRACCERT Canada with CPD credits. All Jay Shetty Certification School trainers, Coaches, mentors and assessors abide by the Global Code of Ethics.

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