Kaj Hellbom

Kaj Hellbom

CEO, Centre for Positive Leadership in Raseborg, Finland

Helsinki, Finland


Kaj Hellbom

Session Length: 75 minutes
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Organizational Coaching - the new frontline of coaching

Eastern time session: 9:25 GMT / 13:25 GST / 17:25 SGT / 19:25 AEST / 20:25 AEDT
Western time session: 15:00 GMT / 11:00 EDT / 9:00 MDT / 8:00 PDT / 2:00 AEDT

Session Summary:

More speed, more complexity, more interdependency – the world around our organizations is changing in radical and unprecedented ways. Organizations are looking for ways to build their capabilities to meet the challenges of globalization, digitalization, and scalability.

What can Coaching offer here?

Individual coaching has its place, but it does not reach out wide enough. Team coaching is increasingly employed and its impact can be higher. But to tackle the challenges ahead we need an organizational approach to coaching, we need Organizational Coaching (OC). Organizational Coaching (OC) means building coaching interventions on a larger systemic scale. OC is coaching focused on the whole organization. Partnering with the client means partnering with the changing needs and ambitions of the whole organization. The coaching approach has made big changes in how we lead and guide people. A new leadership paradigm has evolved. Coaching has developed from an individual focus to group and team focus. Now it is the time to take the next step – to develop coaching as a whole system intervention.

Speaker’s Bio:

Kaj Hellbom is the founder and Chairman of the BCI Business Coaching Institute and a renowned expert on coaching and leadership. Kaj and BCI provide professional coach training for individuals and development services for companies. Kaj has been central in developing the coaching industry in Finland and Northern Europe. He served as President of the first Coaching Association in Finland. He is also a Coach Trainer and an activist in the International Coach Federation (ICF) having been president of ICF Nordic and a member of the ICF Global Board.

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