Mark McMordie

Mark McMordie

Founding CEO of The Conscious Leader

London, United Kingdom


Mark McMordie

Session Length: 75 minutes
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The Power of Feeling Safe

Session Summary: 

There’s a paradox about organizational flourishing in a VUCA world. When things are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous it’s unlikely that leaders will experience their operating environment as particularly safe. Ironically, research shows that psychological safety is the very thing that enables others to access higher brain structures that lead to market breakthroughs. This session will explore the neurophysiology of psychological safety and how mindfulness can deepen it in coaching for higher levels of innovation and growth. It will also explore the role mindfulness can play in the vertical development of leaders capable of transforming the organizations they lead.

Speaker Bio: 

Mark is the founding CEO of The Conscious Leader and co-author of ‘Mindfulness for Coaches: An Experiential Guide’ (Routledge, 2017). He works with CEOs and leaders to build innovative, high growth organizations that thrive in a VUCA world. Informed by vertical development, Mark helps leaders to create high performing, psychologically safe teams by developing the inner and outer capacities for inclusive, inquiry-based leadership. Mark is a professional executive coach and contributes to the MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change at Henley Business School. He is also an experienced mindfulness teacher, having trained at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice and the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, who have been delivering mindfulness training in Google for over ten years.

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